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Get ready for an enlightening episode on the power of strategic press releases! In this episode, Mickie Kennedy, the founder of eReleases, will guide us through the evolution and significance of press releases in today's digital age. But it's not just about the history and mechanics of press releases. Mickie will delve deep into how businesses can harness the power of press releases to amplify their visibility and credibility.

Mickie will also shed light on the symbiotic relationship between SEO and press releases, and how the digital evolution has transformed the way we approach press release marketing. We'll explore real-life examples of how press releases have shaped brand perception and played a pivotal role in crisis management.

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About The Guest

Mickie Kennedy is the visionary behind eReleases, having founded it 24 years ago. With a commitment to helping small businesses, authors, and startups, Mickie has transformed the landscape of press release marketing. Residing in Baltimore, his expertise and insights have been invaluable to businesses worldwide.

Connect with Mickie:

Twitter/X: ereleases
Facebook: eReleases Press Release Distribution
Instagram: ereleasespr

About The Host

Tiffany-Ann, a multitasking maven balancing life as a mother of three, agency leader, and an insightful business strategist, has been pivotal in guiding numerous businesses to success. Her unique blend of strategy, technology, and passion for well-being offers a refreshing approach to modern entrepreneurship.

Connect with Tiffany-Ann:

YouTube: Bottcher Business Management Agency
Tiktok: @ta_bottcher
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