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On this weeks episode special guest Liberty Edwards 'The Selfie Coach' joins Tiffany-Ann to spill all the tea on becoming unlikely business friends, and how confidence changes absolutely everything.

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The embody, welcome back to another episode. Today, we have a very good friend of mine who I met online.

As the selfie coach. We have Liberty Edwards here.

Today. And, you might ask what exactly a selfie coach is, either. And so just as I was in a Facebook community.

I mean, someone has asked questions about,, making better selfies for online and taking more photos and doing these kinds of things.

And I saw Liberty recommended over and over again.

So I of course, jumped into her Facebook community.

And started following along and really enjoyed it.

It was realized that it was a mistake.

It's about being able to show up authentically as yourself feeling comfortable. And so, we're going to go into a little bit about my transformation story and how selfies really did change so much for me. But I am super excited and honored.

We have Liberty here. And

So welcome to the show. Liberty. Hey, Liberty!

Welcome, hi, thanks for having me out. So we have a lot of fun.

We have talked for so long about you joining the podcast. So the fact that you're actually here is exciting.

Yeah, I'm pretty. So talking. So talking.

and jumping in a little bit about that story because I think it's very unique well to me. It is.

Well, and I love our country.

friendship, interesting perspective, because I especially to start with, really struggled to show up on social media. I was so shy to do any kind of like live video. The thought of, I mean, if I go back, two years and things going and have a YouTube channel, and I still would n't do that, but I think that there is that we both really respect each

And I love our differences.

That. I agree. I think if you remember early on in our friendship. Yes.

I think these days it's hard to come by. I agree. So let's talk a little more about,, we started with you and I mean, I know I've changed so much more than selfies, how do you kind of summarize? What do you do? What is your elevator pitch? If you had 10, you would have had 10.

I used to have a perfected elevator pitch. That was, I'm selfie coach, I teach you how to take selfies that will while Clients and stop them in there scroll so you can give them your pitch. Since I started my business. It's really grown and it's more that I help you be confident enough to show up authentically online and build real trust with your audience. So that when you sell, whatever you're selling, they know that you're looking for their best interest.

Right now, especially if you go through the wrong side of a social Media Group and suddenly, lines of business and what not. And I think I think that's what I think.

It's, to really really really really really really really.

come out as somebody who is authentic and is n't being super Sammy is more and more challenging than it. Once

I agree that it is to simplify it down to this. But when actuality, if you just make a few tweaks to the way you're presenting your information, it can be Learned and then adapted to authenticity and re-branded and put out there. So that me I think that's where my brain was going with that. Yeah no, I don't mean that.

Makes sense. I think I've only really realized it in the last few months, to be authentic, that something and so finding the authentic me was so much more than,, Not being shy. It was truly actually figuring out first. Who is that authentic version of the story?

Me? Yeah, I think your audience needed to see. So maybe the dishes in the sink wasn't part of you come out.

Yeah, I think back and so you really work so hard to be one way and then it's taken a long time to strip that back to truly actually be authentically myself. But even for me, that's not necessarily even just sharing, it's the version that I share with myself which has been a very transformative Journey Ernie.

Yeah, I think you were any part of yourself anymore. This was just to your grown-up, some was just to your grown-up.

100 %. Yeah, it's interesting. And so I mean, I didn't know I needed it.

Yeah, I do remember that I had a coach who still needed confidence help. And I could see oh wait, I can help there. Oh, hold on, this is what we need to tweak. This isn't exactly right. So it's even open my eyes to the fact that regardless of the outside appearance or the journey that were on in certain elements of their life and business.

Yes, absolutely. I wholeheartedly agree. It's interesting because it was an important class, man. Why do n't you get this great grade and I thought, oh, I do n't know about that. But when you watch the video back, it's like, oh wait a minute. What do I look like? I was fine. and so that is kind of realizing that sometimes, even if you feel dying on the inside, keep going, keep

Going. Yeah, and you said something that you're always born with, it is a practice learned and repeated daily. Will that anyone grow? And I think that's really important because a lot of people will just say, well, I'm just not confident enough and they believe that is their truth and that it can not be changed, but it

can write something that I, this morning, I was doing my brand photos so I started working with this is perfect photographer. And,, got the photos, we share a coffee, have some laughs, take some photos and it is this practice thing where I do n't get nervous

No longer. I can attest to that because I was with If you when you first looked at and you were so much more. Calm and almost happy and looking forward to it.

It. And we have no hot water because it will. How long did you let it run? I was like, no, I'm pretty sure it's so,, the photographer intern and carried on? And had that all happened? If I go back to like my I would have just been an absolute mess like out of been like, okay, we ca n't do this today, this is not gon na work.

Yeah, I think you would have canceled and said, we'll do it next one.

So, you talked about different audiences and whatnot. What changes have you seen in your business in the last few years?

So many changes, some good, some bad, just up and have fun. I started doing that, and I thought, holy moly that's a lot of clients are still my core where my heart is, which is women who have lost themselves along the way and want to reconnect with them, selves and feel better in their own skin. And it's funny because by teaching them how to take a good selfie that all re lines, it's really

Some it is, beautiful I mean some of the maternity shoots nowadays. Our

Do you have plenty of just your belly? This room?

Wow, because I was just so in such a state at that moment. I mean there were so many more pictures of,, just me, like, huddled up with the kit. And I do n't necessarily think right away like oh, no, it's just, it's like, softened and removed that anxiety over photos.

Well, I think it's a shame. You don't have any photos of us because they just want to see their mom.

It's,, someone's house and you're like, oh I would not have done that. I mean, I remember I had a family member who had brown carpet in their bathroom.

Oh, I'm right. and so all of that has really just changed so much and just realizing things change times change, just take the damn photo,

Right? Our old house. Fun fact also had brown carpet in the carpet and how? Yeah, but it was the time, I guess, easier than putting a floor mat down.

But you can never wash anyway. You know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you know, you

that I know but if we can get over our weird haircut or the matching outfits that my grandparents put me in my three years of past.

Well, I mean? Both of them And so you almost feel like kind of chasing a bit to keep up with some of what's going

On. I agree. I think that's also one of the reasons why it is just constantly changing. And within 3 months, your pictures might be outdated.

It's very interesting to see the different progress, and so yes.

There is all sorts of change.

In. And being able to take those photos. And I think that one of the pieces is we all feel like we have to post? And if you do n't feel comfortable to execute the idea, it's also like now you've really limited yourself even

More. Yeah, I agree. And I went to look back at some old videos to repost it because it's not actually representing me right now.

Yeah, for sure there is so much of that and I think that as you're going through and growing what you're talking about whether it's,, afraid to show up. But hesitant to do so doesn't know where to start. What are those first few steps?

What do you recommend if we're talking about showing up on social media? I think when you look at it that way, you realize, oh, that's almost selfish of me to allow my fear to hold me back. Yes.

That is a very powerful statement. I think that we are to just be uncomfortable.

We ourselves. Right? and I say this because I know a lot of people will say, but I do n't know what I'm helping with. Even if you're showing them that they can get their kids out of the house. There's always someone who can help.

It needs you lutely. Absolutely. If you had one tangible tip for someone to implement this week in their business, something that could give them that quick win. What would that be?

Throw away. The perfectly designed graphic and put your face out there and you'll connect better than those graphic.

Absolutely. If people want to connect with you, look pretty. Where would they find it?

You? I have long gone left, the Perfection of Instagram behind and I choose the hot mess Express that take time. I was going to be, you know.

know, I mean, if I had to chose, we all know I'm anti Instagram. But,, learning new things, and finding new people and sharing in a different people, sharing different stories and it's yeah, not necessarily for business, or for use, but enjoyment, I enjoy six. Tough.

Yeah, and it can be, it is getting sprinkled in with it.

Business. So for sure lots of successful business pieces on there and I mean, plus we can repurpose that content other places too. So thank you so much.

Thanks for being here. Thank you for inviting me. It was fun. Well, we are all out of time.

Today. If you I have not joined the service based business Society, click subscribe, click the fifth star and leave us, a written review. Have a great week and we will see you soon.

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