Scam Alert! Protecting Your Business Empire

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In this eye-opening episode, Tiffany-Ann Bottcher delves deep into the dark world of scams that target businesses. She shares a personal experience of a spam extortion situation that occurred just before the launch of season three. This episode is not just about sharing a story; it's about equipping business owners with the knowledge to recognize and combat scams.

Key Highlights:

  1. Difference Between Spamming and Hacking: Understand the nuances and how they can impact your business.
  2. Real-life Scam Experience: Tiffany-Ann recounts a harrowing experience with a vendor and the subsequent threats she faced.
  3. Types of Scams: From old-fashioned directory scams to sophisticated phishing scams, learn about the various tactics scammers employ.
  4. Voice Cloning: A deep dive into how scammers can replicate voices, potentially leading to misinformation and fraud.
  5. Protection and Prevention: Tips on how to safeguard your business, trust your instincts, and the importance of research.

Join Tiffany-Ann as she emphasizes the importance of awareness in the digital age. Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, this episode is a must-listen to ensure you're equipped to protect your business empire.

About The Host

Tiffany-Ann, a multitasking maven balancing life as a mother of three, agency leader, and an insightful business strategist, has been pivotal in guiding numerous businesses to success. Her unique blend of strategy, technology, and passion for well-being offers a refreshing approach to modern entrepreneurship.

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Scam Alert! Protecting Your Business Empire
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