The Cost Of Free

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In this episode of the Service-Based Business Society Podcast, host Tiffany-Ann Bottcher explores the cost of "free" when it comes to making business decisions. While the allure of free trials or inexpensive tools can be tempting, Tiffany-Ann highlights the hidden costs that can arise. Using her personal experience with automation tools Zapier, Pabbly, and Integromat/Make, she discusses the danger of spreading oneself too thin by using multiple tools simultaneously and failing to optimize operations. Ultimately, Tiffany-Ann emphasizes the importance of weighing out the costs and benefits of different options and making intentional decisions to optimize efficiency and increase profit in one's service-based business.

'The Cost of Free' emphasizes the importance of making data-backed decisions in order to scale one's service-based business. Tiffany-Ann acknowledges the difficulty of making non-intuitive decisions as a business grows and emphasizes the need for objective data to guide those decisions.   

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James Hurst 'The Marketing Show' YouTube Channel

Tiffany-Ann is a mom of 3, agency owner, and business strategist with experience scaling service based businesses to over 7-figures per month.  Her passion for automation, data, and scaling success has her supporting business owners throughout North America.

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The Cost Of Free
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