The Seasonal Seven

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In this episode of the Service Based Business Society podcast, Tiffany Ann Bottcher shares invaluable insights on 'The Seasonal Seven' - seven crucial tasks that entrepreneurs must prioritize right now. With her extensive experience in scaling service-based businesses, Tiffany dives into practical strategies for end-of-year success, while also sharing personal anecdotes about the importance of planning for unexpected events, like illness.

Key Points:
  1. Catch Up on Bookkeeping: Ensure your books are up to date. This sets the foundation for effective tax preparation and financial decision-making.
  2. Tax Preparation and Planning: Analyze your profit for the first three quarters to make informed decisions for the end of the year. Consider adjusting your spending or sales strategies based on your tax situation.
  3. Client Engagement During Holidays: Decide on your approach to holiday gifts or cards for clients. Consider personalization and timing to stand out.
  4. Team Appreciation: Plan for holiday parties, gifts, or bonuses for your team. Remember, this can also tie into your tax planning.
  5. Setting Holiday Hours: Ensure your calendar reflects your availability during the holiday season, including recovery time after events. Update your Google Business profile with holiday hours to inform clients.
  6. Social Media Planning: Schedule your social media content in advance, especially notices about holiday closures. Ensure auto-replies and chat widgets are updated to manage client expectations.
  7. Budgeting for the Next Year: Utilize your up-to-date financials to create a budget for the upcoming year. This step is crucial for sustainable, profitable growth.
Personal Insights & Stories:
  • Tiffany-Ann shares her experience with illness, highlighting the importance of having a contingency plan for business continuity.
  • The challenge of balancing work commitments with personal life during the holiday season.
  • Insights into the importance of being organized and proactive in planning.
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This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs looking to close the year strong and enter the new year with a solid plan. Tiffany's mix of professional advice and personal anecdotes provides a comprehensive guide to navigating the busy holiday season while keeping your business on track.
The Seasonal Seven
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