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Welcome back, listeners, to the exciting kickoff of Season 3! We've missed you, and we’re back with an episode that's both intriguing and timely: "Strategic Snooze."

About The Episode

In today’s episode, Tiffany-Ann will unearth the often-overlooked strategy that every entrepreneur needs to understand – the power of strategic pauses - and no, this isn't about self-care and meditation - we are diving into business strategy!

Get ready as she shares captivating tales of three business magnates who took deliberate breaks in their journey, and the astonishing outcomes that followed. It's not just about sleep; it’s about the wisdom in slowing down to sprint faster. Discover the impact of the "Deliberate Rest Principle" and how it can be the secret weapon in your business arsenal.

In an era where entrepreneurs often find themselves inundated with options – from new software integrations to the latest social media trends – it's crucial to pause, evaluate, and strategize. Not every new tool or trend will suit every business model. The lesson here? Be strategic. Know your business needs, and don't be swayed by every new technological wave. Only adopt what aligns with your business objectives and can deliver tangible results.

To celebrate our return and the start of a fresh season, Tiffany-Ann will also chat about whats coming up in Season 3.  Trust us, you're in for a treat.

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About The Host

Tiffany-Ann, a multitasking maven balancing life as a mother of three, agency leader, and an insightful business strategist, has been pivotal in guiding numerous businesses to success. Her unique blend of strategy, technology, and passion for well-being offers a refreshing approach to modern entrepreneurship.

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