Unmasking Entrepreneurship [2 Part Special]

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In today’s episode, Tiffany-Ann dives deep into a poignant conversation with Kelsey Smith, the brilliant mind behind the "Momma Has Goals" community. They embark on a heartfelt discussion on the complexities of motherhood, personal fulfillment, and the transformative power of community.

Kelsey vividly recounts her pivotal moment of self-realization following the birth of her first child, unraveling her journey from seeking external validations to establishing an empowering space for mothers worldwide. Their discussion brings to light the universality of maternal emotions, the silent sacrifices, and the ever-burning desire to be more than "just a mom."

As the narrative progresses, listeners will unearth the importance of personal goals, the value of self-worth, and the beautiful balance between motherhood and individuality. Kelsey's insights serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring mothers everywhere to dream big, prioritize their fulfillment, and carve out their own paths.

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About The Guest

Kelsey Smith's journey to self-discovery began with the birth of her son and a series of introspective questions. Pondering her life's purpose and legacy, she embarked on a transformative journey, culminating in the creation of the "Momma Has Goals" community. Through her app, events, and programs, Kelsey champions the cause of maternal fulfillment, encouraging mothers to embrace their aspirations. Her mission: to help every mother discover her highest self, both within and outside the realms of motherhood.

About The Host

Tiffany-Ann Bottcher, a beacon of modern-day entrepreneurship, adeptly balances roles as a mother of three, podcast host, and innovative business strategist. With her unique amalgamation of strategy, tech-savviness, and a deep-seated passion for connectivity, she brings a refreshing approach to the entrepreneurial world.

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Unmasking Entrepreneurship [2 Part Special]
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