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Hello and welcome to the Service-Based Business Society podcast. I'm your host, Tiffany and Bocher. On our weekly episodes, we will dig into everything you need to know about scaling your service-based business without losing sleep. With my experience in creating over seven figures per month and a passion for marketing, finance, and automation, this show will provide tangible tips and techniques for scaling your business.

Let's get started. Hello. Hello. Welcome back to another episode today. We are super excited to host Shaniqua hosted. In the studio, Shaniqua is a c e o and founder of Beautifully her Coaching and Consulting. She's a speaker, consultant and brand strategy coach who values service and excellence, her innate ability to guide other entrepreneurs through a journey of aligning their natural gifts.

With their success in the marketplace is sure to leave you feeling empowered and ready to unleash the untapped potential inside of you by combining her many certifications and experience as a life coach. With her passion for branding strategies, social media, Shaniqua has been able to coach hundreds of women across the world achieve their goals with intentionality and great execut.

I'm super excited to have Shaniqua on the podcast. She has so much value to bring, so let's dive in. Awesome. Thank you, Shaniqua. Welcome to the podcast. Thank you for having me. I appreciate the opportunity to be on. Awesome. Well, you know, why don't we dive right in and you give just a, you know, I always.

Include the formal bio in kind of the intro, but give kinda the Cole's notes real authentic version of, you know, how did you get into what you're doing? What is the backstory there? Ooh, that's a really good question. Um, so I started out honestly in jewelry, right? I know. How do I go from jewelry to now having a service based business, right?

But I started out in jewelry and when I would sell jewelry, I would talk with women a lot. What they thought about themselves, like when they tried on pieces, when they saw different pieces, people would, they would think, you know, oh, this doesn't look good on me. They would put on a piece, they would instantly feel more confident or, you know, things like that.

And I would ask them like, where did this lack of confidence kind of come from? Like where did you, where do you feel like you lost your confidence along the way? Like we're talking about $5 jewelry and when someone puts it on, they're. Right instantly from that experience. And so in that experience is where I found coaching, right?

Which is what I'm in now, is coaching. And you know, I would have these different conversations with these women trying to get to the root of like, where did you adapt these thoughts? Where did you adapt these limiting beliefs? And I actually started out. With confidence coaching, right? Hmm. And when I was doing confidence coaching, it was going really well.

And of course the women would ask, you know, how did you get the confidence to show up for your business? I have an idea. I'm really good at something. I'm really talented at something, but I'm afraid to put myself out there right now. I've conquered some of my own self-confidence, but now it takes a different level of self confide.

To put yourself out there and say, Hey, I'm a business owner, , you know, I'm doing this or I'm doing that. And so I started doing a little bit of consulting with them in that aspect. And we talked a lot about branding and marketing and finding your tribe, you know, especially in the online space. And that's kind of how I got to where I am now.

And as far as the brand agency and marketing and things of that nature. So I love it. I still incorporate the confidence piece, and we talk about branding and marketing as well. What an incredible journey. I think that confidence is so key to really moving your business forward and, you know, deciding that you wanna have any kind of business in the online space, and not necessarily just in the online space.

We actually, you know, because we, our agency primarily focuses with the service based businesses and some of which can conduct a lot of business online and some don't. Mm-hmm. , but there's still an online component even to a non-line business, whether that. , you know, social media or short form video or podcasting or, you know, even blogging or writing emails, there's still a, a certain level of confidence that is required to really conduct any kind of business.

Yeah, a hundred percent. I think, you know, confidence is a huge component to why, you know, a lot of people don't go for promotions or don't go for, you know, the things they desire in life and. I think building up a world of people who are more confident is really gonna be transformational to where we go in the next, you know, 10, 15, 20, you know, years.

It's really serious. . I agree. I agree. You know, there's lots going on in the world at the moment and I think that the short form video has really allowed messaging. To go further. You know, if I think about, you know, and even just if you compare like, you know, my social media feed to like my husband's social feed, media feed or my kids or whatever, everybody's getting something different.

You know, that's the algorithm doing its thing. But there's very interesting pieces where, you know, you have, whether it's politicians or big CEOs or whatever, and they have the ability now to speak to you like they know you, you know, all of a sudden it's like right in your pocket. And so, you know, there's something to be said for using it for good and not for not for evil.

But, you know, it's interesting now and really a lot of those people, Have something to say and they're confident enough to say it and get their message out there. But there's nothing really different from, you know, someone who's an aspiring business owner who has this idea who wants to get started, and these people who are already doing it, it's just, they just started, they did it.

Absolutely. And I think because it's so simple, right? They just did it because it's so simple. We overthink it and overanalyze it. You know, trying to get my clients to show up on video is probably, in some cases, one of the most difficult thing to do. And they're, you know, a lot of times people ask, you know, I don't know what to say, or I don't, you know, I don't want people to judge me.

And I'm like, People are judging you already, right? . Yeah, they're, they're judging you already. So when you show up on short form video and you showing up online, you have to think about the focus on the people that you're there to actually serve. Focus on the people that your content is actually for. You know?

And I think that's a huge mindset shift for people when it comes to creating short form video, because now it goes. Okay. People might judge me for this or people may not like this, or I might get hate for this, but I also. Help someone, you know, I also might reach my dream client. I also might, you know, come across a great opportunity for, you know, a great collaboration or great brands or things like that.

And so I think, you know, focusing on why you're creating short form video and why you're on creating an online presence and gearing your content towards those people. A huge shift. Then, you know, oh, what if people judge me? Or, oh, what if people don't like me? So I really try to share that aspect with people and really get people to have that sort of thought process behind showing up on social.

Yeah, it's interesting. I think that, I mean there's definitely some businesses now that don't have like a social aspect, but I think very few even, you know, there's a super cute clothing store in our town and it's definitely not in like the main part of town. Like, it's like a good 10 minute drive out of town.

and I'll be honest, I wouldn't typically like just drive out there just to see what's in the store, but she has the cutest tos and reels and you're like, oh, that's so cute. Oh, I should drive there. Like it's this way of just like bringing, you know, it's like, so she's getting the discounted rent by being a little bit out of town.

She got her business, I think it's about a year old. She got it going and you know, super cute. Seems to be doing really well. Multiple times now I have seen her content on social media and made the drive out there to be like, oh, like I, oh yeah, I remember that source there, and I wanna like go check it out and see some cute stuff.

Yeah, absolutely. I think small, I don't necessarily like to say small businesses, but small herb businesses. can definitely learn, you know, a lot from the model that larger businesses and, you know, multimillion dollar businesses, you know, things that they implement. You know, I think I've probably gotten 15,000 emails from Bath and Body Works today,

So, you know, maybe we don't wanna send that many. Making sure that we're hitting all of the channels is definitely important and definitely a great way to stay top of mind, right? Mm-hmm. , stay, stay top of mind for people and you know, all you need is a couple shares. You know, I think a lot of people think they need a ton of people.

They need to go viral, and you really don't, you know, if you think about, you know, you got 500 views, you got 500 people in your living room, that's a lot of people, right? It totally. You know, and I think that is, you know, such an important way of thinking about it. You know, people are like, oh, well I only got, you know, like it was only a a thousand followers or 500 people liked it, or this or that.

And you're like, oh. So if you were, you know, if 500 people walk through your door today, just to browse your, would you not be over the moon? Like, yeah. Yes. And I'm like, okay, well then like what? You know, like it's because when you go online and it's, people start talking about it, things in, you know, millions of views and going viral and whatnot, but you actually look at the number of businesses that have gone viral and it has not necessarily done them great.

You know, like things have ex, they're exploded, their sales overnight. It's been like that typical one hit wonder kind of thing. They fulfillment bombed because they weren't ready and now they're right back to where they started. . Yeah, a hundred percent. You know, they always tell people you have to have, it's not enough to just have content.

You got to, you have to have your systems and your things in place on the back end to be prepared to actually do. I love social media, but I have this kind of like love hate relationship with, you know, short form video and social media and things like that, just because if we're not careful with how we consume content and the people that we follow and the things that we pay attention to.

It can be really discouraging, right? It can be really discouraging to mm-hmm show up online for your business because you think it's supposed to go the way that someone else's journey went. But it doesn't necessarily always work that way. So I have this kind of love-hate relationship with, with social media.

I love it so much, but I also despise some of the possib. Yes. I have a funny story about that. When I had my first daughter and I was trying to work and whatnot, someone gave me a, as part of like a, oh, here's like some hand me down stuff. They gave me this baby carrier and so I was like, oh, this is super interesting because I can like snuggle my daughter and work on the computer at the same time.

This is great. This is efficient. I am all over it. And so then I'm like, okay, so, but I didn't really know how to use it. It was this like ring sling type and so I didn't really know what I was doing and so I started doing some research online and I ended up in this Facebook community for baby wearing.

And so, you know, I was like a brand new mom and was kind of like, not really sure exact, you know, like not feeling super confident. And I've had three kids I would, you know, now I'm like, oh yeah, it's fine. I got this . But you know, like new mom trying to, and so I found this community and so I end up a part of this community and feeling like this is kind of my place, but really noticing now like, you know, it was.

A different side of like the internet and whatnot, that like I had come out of corporate and so it was like very corporate, corporate. And then now I was in with like what I call the crunchy mamas doing the like, we're gonna cloth diaper and we're gonna baby wear, and this is where like, And so, you know, it's interesting because then you start to see, you know, the algorithm go back to the algorithm.

Now the algorithm's like, oh, this is the kind of person you are. And it shows you more and more of that content and more and more of this and more and more of that. And you know, now I look back and I, one of the elections was during this time and I would say that my participation in the like changed what I was seeing online and like changed how I voted

Now I'm like, I did what and not to make, you know, It's one of those things for us, like it's just you become, and you talk, you know, it's like you become part of a community and you see more information and you're like seeing a lot of stuff for one side and it can be almost, you know, a little bit dangerous.

Yeah. So when we're doing and being a part of social media, it's very interesting to, you know, you end up with these different things and you see different things or you'll see all of something and no, someone else won't see all of that. And so it can be very, Depending on what you're seeing, whether it's confidence building or pulling you down, it could go either way.

Yeah, a hundred percent. You know, and that's the thing that I think a lot of people, you know, miss about the algorithm and about social media, is that it's learned right. . So if you don't like what you're seeing or if you don't like the outcome that you're getting, you literally have the power to change it.

You have the ability to change what you're seeing. You have the ability to change, you know how your content is performing to a certain extent, right? Because if you're engaging with the accounts that you want to engage back with you, then you're gonna get your content out there to the right people. So definitely can either build you up or you know, tear you down to a certain extent.

But I think there's. , I guess I'll say a rise in people who kind of don't care. Because I was watching this lady on TikTok the other day and she was showing her house and how messy it was and she was like, , I'm sorry I don't have an aesthetically pleasing house, but I'm gonna clean my house today. And this is how I started out

And I was like, go for it girl. Because you know, with kids and toddlers, like, you know, toys are everywhere and that's normal. And I think that's what we're getting back to with social media's the good part. We're getting back to a place where it's okay to be normal, right? And not try to be like this cookie cutter or perfect version of, you know, what media says is, you know, a great mom or a great business owner, or you know, I'm a great business owner because I get up at 4:00 AM every day.

You know, it doesn't have to, doesn't have to be that . Yesterday I saw one, we're now down to three 20. Now this one gets up at, this is my three 20 entrepreneur morning routine, and I'm like, I'm like, what? And so then she, then I'm like this. Now I'm curious why ? Because it was like the 5:00 AM club for a long time, and now it's like, we've like one up, right?

And I'm like, this is still the night. Like I work until three in the morning. Sometimes I'm a night owl though. Like I would like Totally. And so I, I'm going through and so it's like, well, my nighttime, so her Sunday night nighttime routine starts at 5:00 PM. And I'm like, yeah, but like you've missed my entire favorite part of the day.

So this is not for me . Like I just woke up from a nap on a Sunday at 5:00 PM Yeah, I'm just waking up from a nap at that time, so . Oh wow. Yeah. My husband and I, cuz he works quite a bit as well. So we like often will like put the kids to bed and hang out for a little bit and then, Call it second shift and we like, you know, wrap up a few things on the computer and do little this, and then we like reconvene and so yeah, I'm like, yeah, that's the start of second shift.

I can't be going to bed then . Oh my goodness. It's fun, you know, but there's something for everyone out there really. Yeah, there is. And you know, I love. people are sharing and that people are sharing openly. Because if that is for someone and it does work for their lifestyle and it does work for their business, that's okay too.

Right? You know, it becomes a matter of being able to identify what's good for you and what's gonna work for you realistically versus. putting these false pressures and you know, expectations on yourself. If you know that okay, you're gonna go to the gym every day for the month of January, and then by February, like what?

Gym, like , totally sustainable. Creating sustainable pieces. Yeah, for sure. People do it in their business too, and you know, like you hear something like, oh, you need to post on TikTok three times a day in order to grow your account. And then you're like three times a day. , and then you never start because you're like, well, I can't do three.

That's crazy. And you're like, sure. But there's a lot of people who have been great on TikTok that pose once a day or once every second day. You know, like it's like consistency is great and, but let's choose a volume that we can be consistent that is not, you know, taking over life. Yeah, a hundred percent.

And you know, you said a lot, right? Just right there. Consistency is not just about the frequency that you are sharing. Consistency is also in your messaging. It's also in, you know, how you show up, right? When. , when you have a consistent brand message, you have a consistent goal, you know that you're marketing across all channels and you're not a different person on TikTok than you are on like Twitter or something.

You know, you gotta mm-hmm. figure out that con that version of consistency as well. It's not just always about the frequency or the volume, like you said, that you're posting and sharing. Yes. Yeah. I think that a lot of times, you know, and as people are getting started and kind of finding their brand message, sometimes it does transform a little bit over time.

And so, but it's important that whatever content you're putting out, you know, if you are doing stuff on TikTok and you're doing all of the, like trending, you know, inappropriate lyrics, blah, blah, blah, going all in on that, and then you go over to Facebook and it's like very prim and. It's like this disjointed piece that people are like, I don't really know what's going on.

Yeah, a hundred percent and a huge piece of that for me. And then, you know, my coaching style is working from within, right? I think a lot of times the things that we haven't healed within ourself or the things that we haven't acknowledged about ourself, it's displayed when we try to show up online, right?

If I'm having an identity crisis, Internally that's gonna reflect in my content. Right? So that's a whole nother piece to it, . Yes. Yes. So when someone's getting started on this, you know, their confidence journey, what does that look like? What are, you know, what is some of the tips and whatnot that you're giving them?

Yeah, first, that's absolutely becoming aware anytime that you go to any 12 step, you know, program, right? Aa, whatever, any 12 step program is first gonna start with an acknowledgement, right? And so I think a lot of times we have this sort of surface level. Confidence that we, you know, put on and we try to pretend.

And so we have to be able to break that down first and figure out where we are in your level of confidence before we can do, you know, any, make, any progression or do any work. Right? Figuring out what areas of your life do you feel. More confident than others and really assessing the situation that you're in.

What makes you feel confident? What contributes to you being more confident or less confident? How do you identify what your triggers are? Because you know, When you see people who are, you know, on vacation all the time, does that make you feel less confident or less competent? When you see people who have certain body types, does that make you feel less confident about your body?

If so, you know that that's an area of opportunity for you to eliminate some of those viewpoints and eliminate some of those things that trigger you and put more, you know, positive images in front of you. And so I think definitely one of the first things is. Assess where you are. Right? Figure out where you are, and being really honest with yourself.

Right? Being honest and really breaking down that surface level confidence and being honest about where you wanna go. Right. And when, when I ask people all the time like, what's your ultimate goal? Like what would be Id an ideal? Day for you, what would an ideal week look like for you? What does success look like for you?

A lot of people just really don't know , you know, they really can't articulate to you what it is. It's like, well, I wanna make six figures. Well, do you know? What that tax bracket is like. You know? Do you understand mm-hmm. , that, you know, when you earn six figures of revenue, you don't necessarily get six figures in profit.

Like, do you understand what comes along, you know, with the mindset ? So I think someone told me recently they wanted to be a billionaire, and I asked, how many zeros does that have? And she's like, Uh, and I said, until you know how many zeros you have, that's not your goal.

So it's definitely a realistic idea and goal of like where you wanna go, for sure. . Yeah. And because every single thing comes with. This new challenge, you know, it's like, okay, so at the beginning you're like trying to get going and whatever, and you maybe don't have like a lot of cash flow and you have a lot of, you know, you're, but you have so much passion and you're like, I don't care what it takes, I'm all in.

And so, you know, and then you get going and then, you know, as you grow, you move through different tax brackets, you know, touching back on the systems, you know, people and the, the one hit wonders and not having the systems in place. Okay. , when you, your business grows and now you make more sales, well now you need to have the fulfillment so that you have happy customers and you know, more sales, more fulfillment, better processes.

And so it's every milestone that you reach is like, woohoo. You know? That's great. But also new challenges. It's kind of like parenting, you know, where you're like, at first you're like, okay, like we just need to, I would almost do anything for a full night's sleep and I just wanna get out of. , and then you're like, oh.

But now they're like into everything and touching everything and breaking things and like, you know, mobile and have opinions, and then you're like, oh, we just need to get into school. You know what I mean? Like, it's like there's always, and you're like, it's always just kind of, but in the end you're really just like wishing the time away and not really enjoying necessarily every single phase.

And so, but that's the same with your business is it's like, you know, , appreciate where you are, appreciate the challenges you have now because you know, six figures great, but different tax bracket, different require like different, there's just, it's just different. Yeah, a hundred percent. I think enjoying the journey that you're on is extremely important.

Knowing where you like to go is extremely important and I think it's okay. Where you are and where you wanna go doesn't look like the people who are next to you or the person who's across from you. I think it's okay for us to have our own sort of vision and idea of where we wanna go, and I think sometimes people are afraid of.

being different to a certain extent. Right. Definitely. You know, for my husband and I, we don't necessarily live the conventional lifestyle of like the people who are around us, you know, like our family members and things like that. But you know, we're creating something that we want to be legacy, you know, lasting.

Mm-hmm. . So I think it's important . I think, you know, and it depends, you know, having a supportive partner that understands your life vision and whatnot is definitely helpful. You know, because you often do have family members that you know, especially if they're of an age, that if you're trying to do something in the online space and they don't really understand the online space, and they're like, I'm sorry, you're gonna what?

I mean, I've had this conversation with my father-in-law a few times where I'm like, it's. And my husband's like, she's got it. It's good. Like, just leave her . He's like, I feel like we need to like talk about this , . Cause they just like, but it's, you know, and it comes across as kind of like, you know, what are you doing?

But it really is just like a total lack of under, like, he doesn't understand. He has no idea. And so, but depending, if you have so many of those people and you're not super confident, they could easily convince you that you're not doing the right thing. A hundred percent when I quit my job August of 2021, that was definitely some of the conversation, you know, are you crazy?

Like job security, you don't want job? What are you gonna do about in? I'm like, it's fine. It's gonna be okay. What are you gonna do for money? It's fine. It's okay. And you know, I just definitely got, you know, some of those comments and some of that feedback and. Holding fast to the vision and the ideas and the desires of my heart was really the biggest thing that kept me on track, because a couple times I thought about even going back, right?

Mm-hmm. , I've, in this, you know, year and a half, I've even considered, you know, should I get a part-time job? Should I go back to my corporate job? You know, just so that I can have that security, right? Not even for the money itself, but for the security to say. Okay. I have a purpose to a certain extent at this particular job.

At least they need me for something. But you know, you can focus that same energy into your business. Every time I thought about going back, it's like, no, I can focus the same energy into my business. There's someone online who needs me. There's someone who needs the service that I provide, and it's a matter of just getting in front of those people.

Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I think especially if it's what, you know, like, you know, I mean, I spent over a decade in corporate and it was pretty much everything. I, you know, that's what I knew. And as a fairly habitual person, you get kind of like, I mean, it just made, it was just very black and white. It just made sense.

Yeah. And so you do have these moments of like, huh, Hm. I don't know, but then you're like, wait a minute, wait a minute. Shake that off and keep going. But I think it's, you know, it's, everybody goes through the moments of like, this is hard if, you know, and it the super cliche thing, you know, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

I think for a while there it felt like everyone was doing it and everyone was so loud online to be like, I am doing amazing. Another seven figure month, my goodness. Yep. Heading off to mommy and me class now. And you know, like, you're like, whoa, . But everyone's on their own journey. One hun. And just, you know, keeping your eyes on your own lane and just keep going.

Yeah, a hundred percent think that's literally one of the best things that I've been able to do, you know, on this journey of entrepreneurship, is staying focused on my own paper , you know, staying focused on my own paper and you know, holding fast to the vision. I think we have a vision and sometimes our vision seems so far away.

It's because we have big vision, we have big ideas, and it seems so far away. Reverse engineering what that vision looks like. Reverse engineering that goal to make those steps to achieving it. a lot more attainable. And I think that is a huge thing that people can do as well, is you have a big vision and you have a big goal, but you don't have to achieve it all in 24 hours, right?

You have an idea of where you're going. Break it down into small, tangible steps that you can achieve and make those milestones like you were talking about, and that I think will help us. Stick with what we're doing, more so than, oh, I wanna have, you know, I wanna have this huge conference with thousands of people when you've never hosted a conference before, right?

Mm-hmm. , maybe you wanna have a smaller conference with 50 people and, and start there. See what that feels like. And you know, just like you said, creating those milestones and checking different things off your list. . Mm-hmm. . Yeah. I think that sometimes those big, you know, I'm gonna host a big conference and whatnot.

It's when it's not well planned and it's focused too much on the vision and not enough on the reverse engineering and how to make it happen. Those kinds of things can kind of shake the confidence because you're like, oh, I, I wanted to do it, and I put it out there and it Flo. and then it's kind of like, you know, this like, oh, I don't know if I, see, I couldn't do it.

See, I knew I couldn't do it. And so, but a lot of times it comes, it's like, well, but it wasn't really well planned and so let's dust the confidence off and now let's actually plan it out and then re-look at it a hundred percent. Same exact thing with short form video and content, right? On social media.

It's like, oh, I, you know, like my outfit today, so I'm gonna post a picture. But it has nothing to do with your. Right or you know, you have this real idea that, like you said, it's trending, but it's not in alignment with your brand message or your brand personality, your brand style. It sends a confusing message to your audience and now you don't get the engagement and you're afraid to post content now, so, mm-hmm.

same thing. . Yeah. Yeah, it's planning and I think that, you know, depending on how much, you know, you've lean into planning, I'm a, like I said, habitual person. I like routine and plan and you know, with three kids we keep a pretty detailed plan and schedule because we have to. It's, you know, my mom was in town the other day and she's like, just dunno how you do everything you do.

I just don't know. It's too much. It's too much. And I said, is there a choice? And she kind of paused and I was. She was like, well, it's just too much for you. And I was like, oh. I'm like, well, I feel like I'm doing okay. You seem like you're really struggling with it though, but is there a choice? Like we're kinda committed at this point, , right?

We're here. Right. Especially when you, when you have kids, and this is a huge thing, sorry. Off on a tangent, but me and my husband, a huge thing for us was that our kids have experience. Have experiences and opportunities. Right. And they can't get that if they're just, you know, sheltered at home if we don't take them out and we don't create that, you know, plan and that schedule for them to be exposed to different things.

Right. So yeah, it's definitely a lot. Totally . Totally. My son got, he's a huge lacrosse fan and so when it was Christmas time and I was looking and the like seasons tickets for our. Pro lacrosse team. We're actually, because he is a kid, we're super inexpensive and so, and he got like all this like extra stuff and I was like, oh, this is fun.

So now we like have planned and you know, like sometimes my husband will take him or I'll take him or whatever, but of course it seems to always fall on like the most because it's just their game schedule. You don't get to plan it. And so it always falls on like the most inconvenient times. So recently we had this where like, my daughter's at a competition and my husband and I have this event planned, and now we're like going to this event.

And, and I was just like, oh my goodness. But my son, and you know, he's chatting with the, the person in front of us who also has these season tickets. And so, and they've like made friends and now he's like, oh, you know, you should really come to this game or that game and did you see this score and this and that?

And I was like, you know, these are the kinds of things where there. So much. He's like literally chatting with this like total like Stranger who's now invited him to go do this thing with their soccer group or whatever, and I was like, you know, there is so much life going on there and learning how to do that and you know, have that conversation and stuff.

I was like, you know, I may be tired, but this is. You know, the look on his face when they score and the chatting going on, I was like, this is so worth it. A hundred percent every time. . Yeah. So if someone had one tangible tip they could implement in their life or business that could really get them that win, what would that be for you?

For me, it would be the communication piece. You know, utilizing the people who are around you, communicating what you need. You know, in order for you guys to manage all the things, you gotta communicate with each other. And I think that that makes for a more seamless approach in life and in business. You know, you gotta be able to, Share with people what's going on.

People that you trust and share what you need. You know, if you need support in one area, but you've got it in another area, that's okay. So I would say communication for sure. . Yeah, I think life and business communication is so key, and especially if you are working in a business to business setting, I feel like there's a lot of moving pieces on both sides and information can become out of date quickly.

You know, you've got two businesses that are working together and they both have lots going on, and so, you know, really keeping that communication up and whatnot can really aid in the success of that relationship. A hundred percent. Absolut, Well, thank you so much for being here. It's been such a pleasure.

It has. It's been great. You know, just chatting with you and you know, hearing about your family and all those things was great too. It was just like a natural conversation. So thank you for the opportunity. For sure. Well, we are all out of time for today. If you guys have not joined the Service-Based Business Society, Facebook community, make sure you head on over to Facebook and we can continue the convers.

Be sure to also follow the show by going to any podcast app and searching surface based business society. Click subscribe. Click the fifth star and leave us a written review. Have a great week and we will see you soon.

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