A Different Perspective

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Tiffany-Ann and Daphne are diving into purpose, passion, and confidence from an entirely new perspective! If you are looking for something new and fresh - don't miss this episode.
On this week's episode we are diving into data in an entirely new way! Numerology!

Daphne helps women feel safe, solid and secure to share their magic with the world and make more money with ease and flow. As a Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist, Daphne delivers insanely powerful insights that give you radical permission show up in your power and fulfil your purpose in the world.

Through her coaching, inner circles, energy readings forecasts, and her book “Decide: Choose your own PATH”, she’s here to shake up your approach to business and life. When she’s not inspiriting women around the globe to make more money in record time, you’ll find Daphne creating magic with fabric and threads, getting her hands dirty growing what she eats or frolicking in the waves.

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Note:  The Podcast will be on 'Holiday Hiatus' between December 23rd to January 4th. 

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A Different Perspective
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