Starting At Step One

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In this episode, the host Tiffany-Ann talks with Christian N. James, also known as CJ, a certified life skills coach and the creator of the Shine to Five Method coaching system. Tiffany-Ann shares her personal experience of leaving her corporate job and starting her own journey of entrepreneurship. The topic resonates with CJ, who went through a similar experience and now helps women-identified professionals push past mediocrity and challenge the status quo so they can shine in their own business. Tiffany-Ann and CJ discuss the challenges of leaving the comfort of a corporate job and stepping into the unknown, and how resistance to change can hold us back. CJ encourages listeners to take small steps towards their goals and trust the process, reminding them that nothing worth having comes easily. This episode will inspire and motivate anyone who is considering a big change in their life, but is feeling stuck or uncertain about where to start.

Special Guest
Christen N. James (fondly known as CJ) is a Side Hustle Coach and Host of The Shine to FIVE™ Method for Side Hustlers Podcast. She is  a Certified Life Skills Coach, Certified Master Mindset Coach and Reiki Practitioner with BA in Psychology and Certification in Solution-Focused Therapy. She created The Shine to FIVE™ Method Coaching system to help women-identified professionals push past mediocrity and challenge the status quo so they can SHINE in their OWN Businesses.  With her 3D Exit Strategy™ (Decide, Dedicate, Depart), CJ helps her demotivated clients heal their inner child by “un-telling” old stories so they can feel successful (define their success) in their OWN Businesses so they can break up with their Employee Mindset and confidently walk away from their unfulfilling 9to5.

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Tiffany-Ann is a mom of 3, agency owner, and business strategist with experience scaling service based businesses to over 7-figures per month.  Her passion for automation, data, and scaling success has her supporting business owners throughout North America. 

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Starting At Step One
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