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Tiffany-Ann is joined by Money Mindset Guru Brie Sodano to talk about scarcity, abundance, systematizing cashflow, and the money mindset you need to successfully run your business.
Tiffany-Ann and Brie explore how a scarcity mindset can impact business owner's decision making around cashflow and money. They also discuss how to systematize cashflow in your business so that you can have a better handle on your finances. Finally, they give some tips on how to shift your money mindset so that you can attract more abundance into your life and business. If you're looking to get a handle on your finances and create more abundance in your life, this conversation is for you!

Brie Sodano is a nationally recognized Personal Finance Expert and the founder of Sheep to Shark. She offers Cash Confident a community for women who want wealth and can teach you to manage, save and invest your money.

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Money Mindset
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