Your Network is Your Net Worth

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Welcome back, listeners! We're diving deep into the world of digital engagement and community building in this episode, titled "The Power of Community in Digital Engagement."

In today’s episode, Tiffany-Ann engages in a riveting conversation with Simon Chou, a digital marketing maven, podcasting powerhouse, and community builder. Together, they explore the transformative potential of online communities and the essence of genuine digital engagement.

Simon shares his journey, from his first startup in 2016 to his current focus on advising B2B organizations on leveraging podcasting and LinkedIn for thought leadership. He emphasizes the importance of authentic engagement, the give-and-take principle, and the significance of giving before expecting to receive in online communities.

In a digital age where cold DMs are rampant and genuine connections rare, Simon's insights into LinkedIn as a platform for real collaborations are both timely and invaluable. The episode underscores the importance of active participation in online communities to boost one's digital presence and credibility.

As we navigate this episode, listeners will gain insights into the evolving digital landscape, the increasing importance of online communities, and the endless possibilities they offer for personal and professional growth.

About The Guest

Simon Chou's entrepreneurial journey began with a startup in 2016, selling made-to-measure female suits. Over the years, he transitioned into the agency world, took on the role of CMO at, and launched two successful podcasts. Today, his focus lies in advising B2B organizations, community building, and orchestrating networking events. With a passion for genuine connections and a knack for digital marketing, Simon's insights are a treasure trove for any modern entrepreneur.

Connect with Simon:

Website: Marketing on Mars
Instagram: @marketingonmars
LinkedIn: Simon Chou

About The Host

Tiffany-Ann, an astute business strategist, balances life as a podcast host, agency leader, and mother. Her unique blend of strategy, technology, and passion for genuine connections offers a fresh perspective on modern entrepreneurship.

Connect with Tiffany-Ann:

YouTube: Bottcher Business Management Agency
Tiktok: @ta_bottcher

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Your Network is Your Net Worth
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